The Team

Joanne Garde-Hansen
Network Lead

Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen is Reader in Culture, Media and Communication at the University of Warwick, where she directs the Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies and teaches on the MA Global Media and Communication. Her research and teaching focus upon media, memory, archives and heritage. This is manifest in two strands of research. The first, relates to her collaboration with television researchers on television history, heritage and memory and the co-founding of the Centre for Television History, Heritage and Memory. The second, is in her collaboration with geographers, water scientists and the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience on the relationship between culture and water, rivers, flooding and drought. In both cases the role of non-academic partners is vital to the exploration of the connectivities between media, memory and community. Email:


Network Co-Lead

Dr Red Chidgey is Lecturer in Gender and Media at the Department of Culture, Media & Creative Industries, King’s College London. Her book Feminist Afterlives: Assemblage Memory in Activist Times is published with Palgrave Macmillan and she is the co-chair of the Memory & Activism working group of the Memory Studies Association. Her research focuses on how social movement memories travel across governmental, heritage, cultural and commercial sites and how they take ‘hold’ in times not of their making. She is co-curator of the Three Day Work-Out research residency at Tate Liverpool, which explores the intersections of social movements, work and leisure. Email:



Network Administrator

Dr Dion Georgiou is a historian and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Humanities, University of Chichester. His research interests include the history of cultural industries, cities and surburbs, temporality, and contemporary uses of the past. He previously co-organised the symposium Remobilising Militant Pasts: Histories of Protest, Unrest and Insurrection in Politics and Culture.



Workshop Lead

Dr Pollyanna Ruiz is Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Sussex. She is interested in the media’s role in the construction of social and political change. Her book, Articulating Dissent; Protest and the Public Sphere, focuses on the ways in which protest movements bridge the gap between their own familiar but marginal spaces, and a mainstream which is suspicious at best and downright hostile at worst. In doing so, it looks at the communicative strategies of contemporary political movements, such as the anti-globalisation movement, the anti-war movement and coalitions against the cuts. Her current work takes some of these dynamics and extends them over time by asking whether the internet can maintain memory across different generations of activists and therefore transfer knowledge from the past, through the present and into the future. Email:


Workshop Lead

Dr Emily Keightley is Professor of Media and Memory Studies in the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture at Loughborough University. Emily’s main research interest is memory, time and its mediation in everyday life. She is particularly concerned with the role of media in the relationship between individual, social and cultural memory. Emily has just been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Award to run a five year project on cultural memories of Partition. Email: