Building alliances between different stakeholders and publics is a key aim of the Afterlives of Protest network.

We realise there are many risks in archiving, researching and curating contemporary protest memory, including across official, unofficial and independent spaces. These risks span questions of ownership, preservation, expertise, institutional and activist knowledge, cooption, and the relationship between archival records and activism.

The Afterlives of Protest network will run a series of small workshops with invited speakers and participants to scope current thinking on these themes.

The network seeks to engage with wider audiences through live Tweeting these events – all welcome to join in and to ask questions or share resources.

Workshop 1. Researching Protest Memory. Led by Dr Pollyanna Ruiz of the University of Sussex. 30-31 May 2018.

Workshop 2. Mediating Protest Memory. Led by Dr Emily Keightley of Loughborough University. 17-18 September 2018.

Workshop 3. Curating Protest Memory. Led by Dr Red Chidgey of King’s College London. 28 March 2019.

The Afterlives of Protest: A Gathering. Led by Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen of the University of Warwick. 9-10 September 2019.