Protest Memory Network workshop: Researching Protest Memory

The Protest Memory Network’s first workshop, on the theme of ‘Researching Protest Memory’, will be taking place at the University of Sussex on 30th and 31st of May. The workshop will bring together scholars who focus on transnational memory cultures, social movement studies media and communications, digital/global cultures of contestation, and protest/activist histories. It will explore methodological approaches that allow us to pull out the everyday habits, routines and rituals of resistance that are made inheritable across scales and movements, allowing for multi-directional remembering.

There are a number of University of Sussex-based partners involved in this workshop:

  • Susssex Humanities Lab, which specialises in developing and expanding research into how digital technologies shape culture, society, and research, the lab draws on expertise from diverse fields including philosophy and information technology, history and archaeology, media and communications, music and performance technology, and sociology.
  • Mass Observation Archive, which  contains papers generated by the original Mass Observation social research organisation (from 1937 until the early 1950s), and newer material collected continuously by the Mass Observation Project since 1981.
  • The Text Analysis Group (TAG) Laboratory , which conducts research in natural language processing and applies these technologies to the interpretation of text documents, social media and other communications.

Further workshops are scheduled to take place at Loughborough University in Autumn 2018 and at King’s College London in Spring 2019, followed by the network’s conference at the University of Warwick in Autumn 2019.