1968 | 2018 – Protest, Performance and the Public Sphere

Registration is now open for the 1968 | 2018 – Protest, Performance and the Public Sphere symposium (7-9 June 2018) at the University of Warwick.

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 Conference Theme/ Overview:

In 1968 a wave of popular protest swept across Europe, India and North and South America. It was accompanied by demonstrations, interventions and performances, and marked the irruption of political protest in the public sphere in a way that changed culture, thinking and policy.

Recent events have seen a resurgence of the popular voice (as evidenced variously, for instance, in the outcomes of the Brexit referendum, the US and French presidential elections, events in Catalonia, and the Hindutva political narrative in India). They have been accompanied by a sense of crisis concerning civic and political process, and the galvanising of radical public protest of different kinds.

On the fiftieth anniversary of les événements and the various socio-political actions of 1968, this symposium asks what we can learn from these events. It considers what resonance 1968 has for contemporary political movements, how ‘the public’ engages with political process in current scenarios, and the extent to which popular protest, performative intervention and the public sphere are intertwined today. It also examines how civic and political change come about. What difference does protest make, and how does it get performed in specific political contexts?

The symposium programme will include a visit to Trying It On at Warwick Arts Centre, the world premiere of a solo show written and performed by David Edgar. In the piece Edgar reflects on the 50th anniversary of 1968 from the perspective of his own 70th birthday in 2018.


If you have any questions or queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers on 1968-2018@warwick.ac.uk